Meditation Retreats

     TMC organizes regular and special retreats to provide meditators with opportunities to practice Vipassana meditation. Regular retreats also known as weekend retreats, take place twice a month, usually two weeks apart, on the weekend. They begin at 5 AM on Saturday and end at 5:00 PM on Sunday. Meditators are welcome to arrive and stay at TMC on Friday night before the retreat starts. The regular retreats are free of charge.

     In addition to regular retreats, there are four special retreats each year. The length of each retreat is about one month. For the special retreats, meditators are asked to make donations to cover the retreat expenses such as food, traveling expenses for the meditation teacher and his assistants, and the utilities.

     Meditators are advised to bring sleeping bags, blankets and other daily necessities.

     The retreat program consists of Vipassana meditation practice, Dhamma talks, interviews, and question and answer sessions. The daily practice during the retreats includes taking precepts and periods of continuous sitting meditation, walking meditation, and mindfully observing all other activities while dining, resting…

     Meditators are asked to carefully observe the rules especially during retreats. They are advised to keep noble silence to avoid distractions for themselves and others.

     Interviews are set up after the first few days of the retreat for meditators to report their experiences to the meditation teachers. Based on the information provided, the teacher guides the meditators to further progress. Dhamma talks take place daily except Sunday and are recorded for free distribution at the end of the retreat.

     Venerable U Thuzana Sayadaw and other TMC’s Sangha lead the regular retreats. Leading special retreats are Venerable U Pandita, Venerable Khippa Panno, Beelin Sayadaw, Sayadaw U Thuzana and other visiting meditation teachers such as Venerable U Lakkhana and Venerable U Pannathami.

Retreats schedule of 2017

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